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Move Fullest Therapy for Parkinson's Disease

Whether you are newly diagnosed, have been living with a neurological condition for years, or you have young onset Parksinson's Disease or are aged 60+, we at Move Fullest LLC can work with you to help you improve your functional independence and quality of life.

How we differ: we come to you in your home to create a customized treatment plan, you never have to get in your car or wait in a lobby! You will always have the same therapist, working together one-on-one, developing the kind of rapport and carryover from one session to the next that you are not guaranteed to get in a clinic with multiple therapists. We collaborate in your most natural environment (your home), using your regular daily items and spaces so therapy is relevant and timely. We work with you and your care partners to achieve the quality movement (range of motion, coordination, and planning) and strength you need to resume your most valued activities.

How Occupational Therapy Differs:  Person-Environment-Occupations (PEO) Model, rehabilitating the person or teaching compensatory techniques, retraining in the current environment or modifying through equipment or reorganization to engage in the groups of tasks that a person engages in and meets his/her self-maintenance, expression and fulfillment. *